10 Best Rap Music from 2000: A Nostalgic Throwback

Rap music from 2000 was marked by its reinvention of the genre with new sounds and themes. In the early 2000s, rap music underwent a shift.

The industry saw the emergence of a new wave of rappers who brought fresh sounds, styles, and themes to the genre. The music scene became a cultural juggernaut thanks to the popularity of artists like jay-z, eminem, and outkast. They used their music as a platform to address issues that affected their communities, such as poverty, inequality, and racism.

The music videos were also a major part of their success, with elaborate visuals that told stories and complemented the music. The emergence of technology also had a significant impact on rap music, with the proliferation of digital distribution platforms and social media. Together, these factors helped shape rap music as we know it today.

10 Best Rap Music from 2000: A Nostalgic Throwback

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Where’S The Love? – The Black Eyed Peas

Rap music has come a long way since the 2000s, with many classic songs that still hold up today. One such song is “where’s the love? ” By the black eyed peas. This tune combines elements of rap, hip hop, and r&b, resulting in a track that was both groundbreaking and commercially successful.

We’ll dive into why this song hit it big, the influence of its lyrics, and the importance of its collaboration with justin timberlake.

Why This Song Was A Commercial Success

The success of “where’s the love? ” Can be attributed to several factors, including:

  • It was a catchy song that people couldn’t help but dance to.
  • It was released during a time when rap and hip-hop were becoming increasingly popular in mainstream culture.
  • Featuring justin timberlake helped the song cross over to a wider audience who may not have otherwise listened to rap.
  • The black eyed peas mastered the art of combining genres of music in a way that was both innovative and relatable.

The Influence Of The Lyrics

“where’s the love? ” Is more than just a danceable beat – its lyrics also carry an important message. Some of the key takeaways include:

  • Society is becoming increasingly divided, and it’s up to us to bridge the gaps.
  • We need to show more compassion and empathy towards one another, rather than constantly fighting and arguing.
  • The media plays a significant role in perpetuating negative stereotypes and fear-mongering, which only serves to drive us further apart.

The Significance Of The Collaboration With Justin Timberlake

Justin timberlake brought a unique energy to “where’s the love? ” That helped it stand out from other songs in the genre. His smooth vocals and pop sensibilities were the perfect complement to the black eyed peas’ rap verses. Not only did this help the song appeal to a wider audience, but it also helped cement both timberlake and the black eyed peas as major players in the music industry.

“where’s the love? ” Continues to be a beloved song among fans of rap and hip-hop. Its catchy beat and thought-provoking lyrics make it a timeless classic that still resonates today. With this track, the black eyed peas proved that it was possible to create a commercially successful song that also carries an important message.

Lose Yourself – Eminem

The year 2002 was a turning point in the world of rap music, as it produced one of the most iconic songs of all time. “lose yourself” by eminem, a rap anthem that took the world by storm and became a cultural phenomenon.

The song was released alongside eminem’s movie debut in the film 8 mile. In this section, we will delve deep into the critical and commercial success of the song, the lyrical genius of eminem, and the influence of the song in 8 mile.

The Critical And Commercial Success Of “Lose Yourself”

“success is my only option, failure’s not,” eminem said, and “lose yourself” proved that he meant every word. The song was a massive commercial success, topping the charts in over twenty countries, including the usa, uk, and australia. It stayed at number one on the billboard hot 100 for twelve weeks, becoming the longest-running number-one hip hop single in the chart’s history.

“lose yourself” was more than just a commercial success; it was a critical hit as well. The song won an academy award for best original song, and it also won two grammy awards for best rap song and best rap solo performance.

The song has been inducted into the grammy hall of fame, and it is also listed on rolling stone’s list of “the 500 greatest songs of all time. “

The Lyrical Genius Of Eminem

One of the reasons why “lose yourself” is considered a masterpiece is the sheer genius of its lyrics. Eminem’s rap technique is flawless, and he uses a variety of rhymes and alliterative phrases throughout the song. The song’s lyrics portray the struggles and hardships of a rising rapper, the pressure to succeed, and the fear of losing everything.

The song’s opening lines, “look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity / to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment / would you capture it, or just let it slip? ” Set the tone for the whole song.

This opening couplet has become one of the most recognisable lines in rap music history.

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The Influence Of “Lose Yourself” In 8 Mile

Whilst “lose yourself” was already a cultural phenomenon on its own, it was further popularized when it was featured in eminem’s movie debut, 8 mile. The film is a biographical drama that follows eminem’s character, jimmy smith jr. , as he rises to fame as a rap artist in detroit.

The song is played during the movie’s climax when jimmy battles his opponent papa doc in a rap battle. The tension builds up as the instrumental starts, and when eminem begins to rap, the audience can’t help but be drawn in by the power and conviction of his words.

“lose yourself” by eminem is an iconic rap song that has stood the test of time. Its commercial and critical success is a testament to eminem’s lyrical genius and the impact that the song has had on rap music and pop culture in general.

The song continues to inspire and motivate people worldwide, making it a timeless classic.

In Da Club – 50 Cent

The rap music scene in the early 2000s was dominated by some of the biggest names in the industry, including jay-z, eminem, and nas. However, one name that caught everybody’s attention was 50 cent. His debut single “in da club” took the music world by storm, becoming one of the most popular songs of the year.

In this blog post section, we will discuss the story behind the song, the impact of the song on hip-hop culture, and the significance of the song in 50 cent’s career.

The Story Behind The Song

  • “in da club” was released in 2003 as the lead single on 50 cent’s debut studio album, “get rich or die tryin’.”
  • The song was produced by dr. dre, who had recognized 50 cent’s potential and signed him to his record label, aftermath entertainment.
  • The lyrics follow a simple but catchy pattern that talks about partying and money, themes that have been prevalent in hip-hop music for years.
  • The song’s hook, “go shorty, it’s your birthday,” was often used as a popular catchphrase among fans and became a cultural phenomenon.

The Impact Of The Song On Hip Hop Culture

  • “in da club” revolutionized the rap music scene as it brought a new sound and style.
  • The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics quickly became an anthem for partygoers around the world, and it remains a staple at dance clubs and parties today.
  • “in da club” was also influential in shaping the music video culture as it was one of the most expensive videos of its time, featuring 50 cent performing at a nightclub, surrounded by exotic cars and attractive women.
  • The song marked a significant turning point for 50 cent as it established him as one of the most prominent figures in the rap music industry.

The Significance Of The Song In 50 Cent’S Career

  • “in da club” was the breakaway song for 50 cent, which propelled him into fame and fortune.
  • The song topped the charts worldwide and became an instant classic in hip-hop music history.
  • It was the most successful single of 50 cent’s career and contributed significantly to the commercial success of his debut album.
  • The song also earned him numerous accolades, including two mtv video music awards, and a grammy award nomination for best male rap solo performance.

Overall, “in da club” remains a classic in the rap music world, having an impact on both the music industry and culture. The song’s catchy lyrics, booming beats, and infectious hooks are a testament to 50 cent’s talent as a musician and a visionary.

Family Business – Kanye West

Rap music from 2000 saw the emergence of a new generation of artists, including kanye west, who quickly made a name for himself in the music industry. His music, which was a unique blend of old school rap with a modern twist, quickly gained popularity among music lovers.

West’s debut album, the college dropout, featured tracks that showcased his creative genius, including the hit song family business. In this post, we’ll explore the meaning behind the song, its significance in kanye west’s discography, and the influence it has had on his future works.

The Meaning Behind The Song:

Family business is a tribute to west’s family, who have always supported him in his career. He uses the song to express his gratitude to his mother, father, aunts, uncles, and cousins. West reminisces about family reunions, vacations, and a time when life was simpler.

He talks about how his family members always showed him love, even when he was struggling to make ends meet. The song is deeply emotional, and west’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of his life growing up.

  • The song is about west’s family and the impact they have had on his life and career.
  • The lyrics are deeply emotional and show a vulnerable side to west.
  • Family reunions, vacations, and simpler times are all referenced in the song.

The Significance Of The Song In Kanye West’S Discography:

Family business is an important track in kanye west’s discography because it showcases his ability to connect with his audience emotionally. The song is unique because it features west singing instead of rapping, which was uncommon for a hip-hop artist at the time.

Family business demonstrates west’s versatility and sets him apart from his contemporaries. The song’s popularity among fans helped establish west as a force in the music industry.

  • Family business showcases west’s emotional connection with his audience.
  • The song’s uniqueness sets west apart from his contemporaries.
  • Family business helped establish west as a force in the music industry.

The Influence Of The Song On His Future Works:

Family business has had a significant impact on kanye west’s career. The song’s success encouraged west to continue exploring different genres of music. It also inspired him to incorporate personal experiences and emotions into his music. West’s subsequent albums, including late registration and graduation, feature songs that are more introspective and personal, similar to family business.

Today, the song remains a fan favorite and is often cited as one of west’s best works.

  • The song’s success encouraged west to explore different genres of music.
  • Family business inspired west to incorporate personal experiences and emotions into his music.
  • The song remains a fan favorite and is often cited as one of west’s best works.

Stan – Eminem

Rap music from the year 2000 offered some of the most noteworthy compositions that left a mark on hip hop culture. One of the most outstanding songs during that time was ‘stan’ by eminem, a rap ballad that tackled different themes of obsession, isolation, and desperation.

Let’s delve deeper into this 2000 classic and discover the message behind this song.

The Controversial Lyrics And Message Of The Song

Eminem’s ‘stan’ was one of the most controversial rap songs of all time that received significant attention and scrutiny from critics and the public. The song lays out a tragic story about an obsessed fan (stan) who writes letters to eminem and becomes increasingly unstable.

The build-up culminates in stan committing a murder-suicide with his girlfriend, putting a spotlight on the dark side of fan culture.

Here are some of the controversial lyrics that contribute to the song’s overall message:

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  • “my tea’s gone cold i’m wondering why i got out of bed at all”
  • “but damn, i am glad ’cause they feed me to the wolves, i’m back and i’m bloody and i’m ravenous, but anything you say can and will be held against you”
  • “cause when i hear your stuff, i wanna hurl a grenade at my radio”

The Inspiration Behind The Song

Eminem was inspired to write this song after receiving letters from fans that shared personal stories and struggles similar to stan’s. These experiences moved him to explore the darker side of fandom and the potential harm it may bring. The song also displays eminem’s perspective as a celebrity who may feel overwhelmed by fans’ expectations.

The Cultural Significance Of The Song

‘stan’ not only marked eminem’s early success as a rapper but also highlighted the importance of fan culture and the impact it can have on celebrities. It also inspired other artists to create similar songs that illustrate the dangers and pressures of fame, including rihanna’s ‘love the way you lie’.

Eminem’s ‘stan’ remains a timeless classic that offers a sobering reflection on the darker and obsessive side of fan culture. It’s a great reminder that music not only entertains but can also deliver powerful social messages.

The Next Episode – Dr. Dre Ft. Snoop Dogg

Rap music from 2000: the next episode – dr. dre ft. snoop dogg

Rap music from 2000 was a pivotal time for the genre. With chart-topping hits from both legendary and up-and-coming rappers, the era produced some of the most significant music in hip-hop history. One song that stood out as a defining moment was “the next episode” by dr.

dre ft. snoop dogg.

The Success Of The Song In The Early 2000S:

The next episode was a massive hit when it was released back in 2000. The song debuted at no. 23 on the billboard hot 100 and peaked at no. 23 on the hot 100 and no. 7 on the hot rap singles chart.

The song remained on the charts for several weeks, cementing its place in music history. It also received notable accolades, including being named in rolling stone’s list of “the 500 greatest songs of all time. “

The Influence Of The Beat And Production:

The beat and production of the next episode played a significant role in the song’s success. The song features a catchy groove made up of a funky bassline, smooth guitar licks, and a standout symphony orchestra sample. The beat was produced by dr.

dre and mel-man, displaying the signature production style of dr. dre’s trademark west coast sound. The beat appealed not only to hip-hop fans but also to mainstream audiences, helping to bridge the gap between rap and pop music.

The Significance Of The Collaboration Between Dr. Dre And Snoop Dogg:

The next episode also became a defining moment for the collaboration of dr. dre and snoop dogg. The two had previously worked together on classic hits like “nuthin’ but a g thang” and “still d. r. e. ,” but the next episode took their artistic collaboration to new heights.

Their chemistry on the mic was undeniable, with snoop delivering his quintessential laid-back flow over dr. dre’s smooth production. The song marked an important moment in hip-hop history, showcasing the power of the creative partnership between two of the genre’s most prolific figures.

The next episode by dr. dre ft. snoop dogg remains a significant piece of rap music history from 2000. The song’s success, beat and production, and collaboration between these two iconic rappers all contributed to its longevity and impact on the music industry.

Ms. Jackson – Outkast

Released in 2000, ms. jackson by outkast became an instant hit, peaking at number one on the us billboard 100. The song features on outkast’s fourth studio album, stankonia, and still possesses relevance and influence over the rap music scene today.

The Interpretation Of The Song’S Lyrics:

The lyrics of ms. jackson have been open to interpretation over the years, but outkast members big boi and andre 3000 have offered insight into the meaning behind the song. Some key points include:

  • The song serves as an apology to the mothers of big boi and andre 3000’s ex-girlfriends
  • The lyrics address the aftermath of a break-up and the difficult dynamics that arise when children are involved in the relationship
  • The song explores themes of regret, forgiveness, and acceptance

The Influence Of The Song On Rap Music:

The impact of ms. jackson on the rap music scene was monumental. The song became one of the most commercially successful rap songs of the early 2000s, earning numerous awards worldwide. Some of the song’s key influences include:

  • The song’s unique blend of rap, pop, and soul music paved the way for similar kinds of fusion in future rap songs
  • Ms. jackson served as a bridge for mainstream success for outkast, who afterwards became widely known as one of the greatest rap duos of all time
  • The song’s clever wordplay and fluid lyrics have since become a hallmark of great rap music, influencing generations of new artists in the early 2000s and beyond

The Significance Of The Song In Outkast’S Discography:

For outkast, ms. jackson is a standout song in an already illustrious career. Some important takeaways are:

  • The song was a critical and commercial success, earning outkast numerous accolades, including the grammy award for best rap performance by a duo or group in 2002
  • The song showcased outkast’s versatility, with their ability to seamlessly switch styles and genres throughout the song
  • The song signalled outkast’s continuing musical evolution, preparing the audience for their next album, which displayed a more experimental and varied sound.

The Real Slim Shady – Eminem

Rap music from the early 2000s was a time of innovation and experimentation. Among the artists who defined the era was eminem, who stood out with his unique style and provocative lyrics. One of his most popular and controversial songs was “the real slim shady”, which had a significant impact on the genre.

In this section, we’ll explore the commercial and critical success of the song, the controversy surrounding its lyrics, and its influence on rap music.

The Commercial And Critical Success Of The Song

“the real slim shady” was released in 2000 as the lead single from eminem’s album “the marshall mathers lp”. The song was an instant hit, debuting at number four on the billboard hot 100 chart and topping charts around the world.

It also won numerous awards, including the best rap video at the mtv video music awards and the best international male solo artist at the brit awards.

The song’s success was due in part to its catchy chorus and memorable music video, which featured eminem dressed in different costumes and mocking various celebrities. However, its lyrics were also a major draw, as they tackled controversial topics like drug use, homosexuality, and violence.

Eminem’s irreverent and witty rhymes resonated with listeners who appreciated his honesty and outsider perspective.

The Controversy Surrounding The Lyrics

Despite its popularity, “the real slim shady” was also highly controversial. Many critics accused eminem of promoting misogyny, homophobia, and violence through his lyrics. The song’s references to pop culture figures like christina aguilera and her then-boyfriend fred durst also drew criticism from fans and celebrities alike.

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In response, eminem defended his music as a form of self-expression and argued that his lyrics were meant to be taken as satire. He also pointed out that he had been the target of similar criticism in the past, and accused his detractors of being hypocritical and overly sensitive.

The Influence Of The Song On Rap Music

Despite the controversy, “the real slim shady” had a significant impact on rap music and pop culture in general. The song helped cement eminem’s status as one of the most influential and controversial artists of the era, and inspired a wave of imitators who sought to emulate his style and subject matter.

It also paved the way for other white rappers like macklemore and yelawolf, who credited eminem with breaking down barriers and expanding the genre.

Overall, “the real slim shady” remains a landmark song in the history of rap music. Its commercial success, controversial lyrics, and lasting influence have made it a cultural touchstone that continues to be relevant today.

X Gon’ Give It To Ya – Dmx

Dmx is a rapper who has made a considerable mark in the rap industry. One of his most popular tracks is “x gon’ give it to ya” from his 2003 album, “grand champ. ” The song was also featured in the movie cradle 2 the grave, adding to its popularity.

We’ll look at the story behind the creation of the song, its impact on the movie, and the significance of dmx’s delivery and style.

The Story Behind The Creation Of The Song

The song was produced by shatek and dmx and was initially intended to be part of the soundtrack for a different movie. The track was, however, repurposed for dmx’s fifth studio album, “grand champ. ” “x gon’ give it to ya” was an instant hit, peaking at number 60 on the us billboard hot 100.

The song’s iconic opening line, “x gon’ give it to ya / fuck waiting for you to get it on your own/ x gon’ deliver to ya,” was sampled for several years beyond the release of the song by various artists, not only in the rap genre.

The Impact Of The Song On The Movie Cradle 2 The Grave

“x gon’ give it to ya” was the leading track for the movie cradle 2 the grave, in which dmx starred alongside jet li. The song was used in numerous scenes featuring jet li and became an anthem for the movie.

Not only did it increase album sales, but it also helped promote the movie. The song’s inclusion proved to be an excellent marketing strategy by the movie’s producers as it drew attention from fans of both dmx and jet li.

The Significance Of Dmx’S Delivery And Style

Dmx has a unique rapping style that sets him apart from other artists. His delivery is raw, aggressive, and energetic, and he delivers his lyrics with intense emotion. Consequently, his music tends to resonate more with listeners. “x gon’ give it to ya” personifies dmx’s trademark style, earning its spot as one of his most recognized songs.

The song’s success and popularity can be attributed to dmx’s compelling delivery, capturing the listener’s attention and keeping them hooked from the opening line to the end.

“x gon’ give it to ya” is an exceptional track that has stood the test of time. The song’s success can be attributed to a combination of factors such as dmx’s unique delivery, its inclusion in the movie, and its catchy tune.

This classic track raised dmx’s career to new heights, and it still remains a favorite among rap enthusiasts.

One Mic – Nas

The Lyrical Content And Message Of The Song

Nas, one of the most celebrated rappers in the world, released his single ‘one mic’ in 2001, and it quickly became a chart-topping hit and a classic in his discography. This song is known for its powerful lyrics and unique delivery, which showcase the rapper’s artistic ability.

Here are the key points of the song’s lyrical content and message:

  • The song’s central theme is the struggle for personal power and the impact of systemic power structures on individuals and communities.
  • The message is conveyed through a series of powerful metaphors and intense wordplay, all delivered in nas’s unique style.
  • The line ‘all i need is one mic, one beat, one stage’ speaks to the idea that sometimes all it takes is one person and one powerful message to make a change in the world.

The Significance Of The Song In Nas’S Discography

‘one mic’ is a standout track in nas’s discography and one of his most popular songs. Here are some key points that speak to the significance of the song in the rapper’s career:

  • The song showcases nas’s ability to create impactful music that addresses social issues and speaks to people on a personal level.
  • It was a departure from some of the more commercial rap music that was popular at the time, showing that nas was willing to take creative risks.
  • The song has become an iconic part of nas’s legacy, and it continues to be celebrated by fans and critics alike.

The Influence Of The Song On Rap Music

‘one mic’ has had a significant influence on the rap music genre and on modern pop culture. Here are some key points that speak to the song’s impact:

  • The song’s intense lyrical content and unique delivery style have been imitated by many other rappers in the genre.
  • It helped to establish nas’s reputation as one of the most influential and important figures in hip hop music.
  • The song has been covered and sampled by many other artists over the years, demonstrating its enduring legacy and appeal.

‘one mic’ is a powerful and impactful rap song that continues to resonate with listeners around the world. Its lyrical content, significance in nas’s discography, and influence on rap music make it a timeless classic that will be remembered for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions For Rap Music From 2000

Who Are Some Popular Rap Artists From 2000?

Hip hop’s golden era ended in 1999, but the 2000s saw plenty of new talents. Eminem’s ‘marshall mathers lp’ and outkast’s ‘stankonia’ were prominent in 2000, jay-z in 2001, and 50 cent in 2003, broke out with ‘get rich or die tryin’.

What Were The Popular Rap Hits Of 2000?

The year 2000 was flush with hip hop classics with jay-z dropping the “the dynasty: roc la familia” followed by eminem releasing “the marshall mathers lp”. Snoop dogg and dr. dre teamed up to give us “the next episode,” outkast’s b.

o. b and nelly’s country grammar were other massive hits that year.

What Was The State Of Rap Music In 2000?

Hip hop was a dynamic force in the early 2000s, with more artists getting mainstream exposure. Despite its newfound popularity, however, rap was also experiencing criticism and censure for its occasional violent and misogynistic lyrics.

Who Won The Best Rap Album Grammy In 2000?

Eminem won the best rap album grammy for his album, ‘the slim shady lp’ in 2000, marking the first time that a white artist had won that award. He won best rap album awards in 2001 and 2003 as well, making him the only artist to have won the award for three consecutive years.

How Did The Rap Industry Change In The 2000S?

The 2000s saw significant changes within the rap industry. Record sales were declining, and digital downloads were starting to take hold. The emergence of the internet, and later social media, gave rise to more independent artists. The genre also continued to diversify in the 2000s, with sub-genres like southern rap and crunk gaining popularity.


As we conclude, rap music from the year 2000 will forever be treasured by those who grew up during that era. The genre underwent significant changes with the arrival of new artists and technological advancements in music. The social and cultural implications of rap music from 2000 remain relevant to this day, with many contemporary rappers taking inspiration from the likes of eminem, jay-z, and dmx.

The rise of the internet facilitated the internationalization of the genre, resulting in its massive global outreach. While it is easy to get caught up in nostalgia, it’s worth noting that rap music is continually evolving and will keep changing.

Nevertheless, the music and culture from two decades ago will always have a significant impact on those who lived through it and those yet to discover it.

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