Youtube Rap Music: The Ultimate Playlist for Hip-Hop Fans.

Youtube rap music has become a popular genre for music lovers worldwide. As an art form, rap music has been an expression of social, personal, and cultural issues, often challenging norms and pushing boundaries.

With youtube being the largest video-sharing platform, rap artists can directly connect with their audience and showcase their talent through music videos and live performances. The platform has also created a community for rap enthusiasts, providing a platform to discover, share, and discuss new music.

Throughout the years, popular rap songs on youtube have racked up billions of views and propelled underground artists to mainstream success. In this article, we’ll explore the impact of youtube on the rap music industry and discuss some of the top youtube rap music videos of all time.

Youtube Rap Music: The Ultimate Playlist for Hip-Hop Fans.


History Of Rap Music On Youtube

The Early Beginnings Of Rap Music On Youtube

Rap music has been a part of american culture since the 1970s, but it wasn’t until the arrival of youtube in 2005 that rappers and hip hop enthusiasts could truly express themselves freely and immediately in the digital world.

Here are some key points on the early beginnings of the rap music on youtube:

  • In 2005, the first rap music videos were uploaded on youtube. The channel, wemix, was created to showcase amateur rappers.
  • The popularity of wemix soon led to other channels like worldstarhiphop, which now has over 20 million subscribers.
  • These early channels laid the foundation for the rap community on youtube and allowed up-and-coming rappers to share their music with a global audience.

Key Milestones In The History Of Rap Music On Youtube

Over the years, youtube has revolutionized the music industry, particularly the rap genre. The platform has helped shape the careers of many rappers, from lil nas x to cardi b to post malone.

Here are some key milestones in the history of rap music on youtube:

  • In 2009, youtube introduced the vevo channel, which quickly became the go-to platform for official music videos.
  • In 2014, bobby shmurda’s “hot na” dance craze took over the internet and propelled the artist to international fame.
  • In 2017, childish gambino’s “this is america” sparked a national conversation and showcased how rap music videos can be a powerful tool for social commentary.
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These milestones represent just a few of the many ways youtube has helped shape the rap music industry.

The Present State Of Rap Music On Youtube

Today, youtube is the go-to platform for finding new rap music and discovering up-and-coming artists. The platform has created a global community and provides a space for rappers to connect with their fans in real-time.

Here are some key points on the present state of rap music on youtube:

  • According to youtube’s music insights data, rap music is the most listened to genre on the platform worldwide.
  • In 2020, songs like lil nas x’s “old town road” and roddy ricch’s “the box” garnered billions of views and helped put these artists on the map.
  • The recent trend of rap music challenges on youtube, like “the box challenge” or “toosie slide,” have helped make songs even more viral.

Rap music has always been expressively and culturally versatile, and youtube has taken it to the next level, helping rappers showcase their music, and bridging the gap between fans and artists.

Characteristics Of Great Youtube Rap Music Videos

The Role Of Visuals In Enhancing The Song Experience

Great rap music videos are known for their distinctive visual elements that help enhance the audience’s experience. Visually stimulating backdrops, lighting, and camera work provide a fantastic visual aesthetic that reinforces the lyrics and message of the song. Here are some of the vital ways that visuals can enhance the song experience:

  • Visual elements can make a song or rap music video more memorable
  • Outstanding visuals can help convey the message of the song
  • Unique visuals can be an excellent way to attract audiences and create buzz for the song or artist

Key Elements Of A Successful Youtube Rap Music Video

Creating a successful rap music video on youtube requires a great deal of creative thought and imagination. It takes more than a few lyrics and an excellent beat to create a quality music video. Here are some of the key elements of a successful youtube rap music video:

  • The lyrics need to be catchy and easy to follow
  • The beat needs to be infectious and memorable
  • The video needs to be visually stimulating and thought-provoking
  • The artist needs to have a unique style and persona
  • The video needs to be professionally produced and edited

The Importance Of Storytelling In Rap Music Videos

Successful rap music videos tell a story through visuals, lyrics, and overall concept. It is crucial that the video’s visuals match up to the song’s message, and the story fits the song’s theme. Below are some reasons why storytelling is important in a rap music video:

  • Good storytelling can help the audience connect with the artist on a deeper level
  • Storytelling helps create a memorable and impactful message
  • Storytelling helps the audience understand the artist’s background or inspire a call-to-action

An engaging youtube rap music video must have excellent visuals, key elements, and storytelling. Furthermore, it takes an artist’s creativity and unique personality to stand out in a crowded rap music industry on youtube. By following the guidelines and methods outlined in this post, content creators will create youtube rap music videos that engage and captivate their audience.

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Key Players In The Youtube Rap Music Industry

The youtube rap music industry is a highly competitive and lucrative space, featuring a wide array of artists, both independent and signed to record labels. To fully understand the industry, it’s crucial to identify its key players and the roles they play.

The Most Successful Rap Music Artists On Youtube

Youtube has played an instrumental role in the success of many rap music artists. Here are some of the most successful ones to date:

  • Youngboy never broke again: He has amassed over 12 billion views on the platform and is one of the most streamed artists on youtube.
  • Lil nas x: He rose to stardom on youtube with his breakout hit “old town road” and has gained a massive following since.
  • Eminem: He is the most-subscribed and most-viewed hip hop artist on youtube, boasting over 50 million subscribers.

The Impact Of Independent Artists On Rap Music On Youtube

Independent artists have had an enormous impact on rap music on youtube, thanks to the platform’s accessibility and democratization of the industry. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Independent artists have more control over their music and content on youtube, allowing them to create and distribute at their own pace.
  • Youtube enables independent artists to build their fan base and connect with listeners without the need for major record labels or industry gatekeepers.
  • Some of the most successful artists on youtube, such as russ and chance the rapper, began as independent artists, proving that it’s possible to succeed on the platform without the backing of a major label.

The Role Of Record Labels On Youtube

Record labels continue to play a significant role in the youtube rap music industry. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Record labels have the resources and connections to promote and distribute an artist’s music to a wider audience on youtube.
  • Labels can help artists secure partnerships with brands and other lucrative deals that may not be possible without industry connections.
  • Some artists, such as drake and cardi b, have leveraged their record label’s support to become some of the biggest names in the industry.

The Ultimate Youtube Rap Music Playlist For Hip-Hop Fans

Are you a hip-hop fan searching for the ultimate rap music playlist on youtube? Then look no further! We’ve curated a list of the best rap music videos and songs on youtube, along with some supplementary resources to help you discover even more great rap music.

Criteria For Inclusion In The Ultimate Playlist

To be included in our ultimate rap music playlist on youtube, a video or song must meet the following criteria:

  • The artist must be a recognized name in the hip-hop industry.
  • The song must have gained positive reviews and considerable popularity among the audience.
  • The song must be accompanied by an engaging and visually appealing music video.
  • The music video must have substantial views and likes on youtube
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The Best Rap Music Videos And Songs On Youtube

Here are some of the best rap music videos and songs on youtube that are sure to give you an epic playlist:

  • Kendrick lamar – humble: With over 1.5 billion views on youtube, this music video is a feast for the eyes and ears.
  • Drake – god’s plan: This song by the canadian superstar has over 1 billion views on youtube and has won multiple awards.
  • Cardi b – bodak yellow: This music video turned cardi b into a household name and has over 1 billion views on youtube.
  • Post malone – congratulations ft. quavo: With over 1.4 billion views, this music video is a must-watch for any hip-hop fan.

Supplementary Resources For Discovering More Rap Music On Youtube

If you want to discover more great rap music on youtube, check out the following resources:

  • Vevo: Youtube’s official music channel, which features high-quality music videos from various genres, including rap.
  • Xxl: This youtube channel is dedicated to hip-hop and features the latest music, videos, interviews, and news.
  • Genius: Genius is a youtube channel that offers in-depth analysis and commentary on the lyrics and meanings behind popular rap songs.

That’s it! With this list of the best rap music videos and songs on youtube and supplementary resources, you’re all set to create your ultimate hip-hop playlist.

Frequently Asked Questions For Youtube Rap Music

What Is Youtube Rap Music?

Youtube rap music is a genre of music that originated on youtube. It includes rap songs created by up-and-coming artists and popular rappers who release their music on the platform.

Who Are Some Popular Youtube Rappers?

Some popular youtube rappers include ksi, quadeca, and crypt. Other notable youtube artists in the rap genre include lil dicky, joyner lucas, and dax.

How Has Youtube Impacted The Rap Industry?

Youtube has enabled new and established rap artists to showcase their work and gain international attention. It has allowed artists to bypass traditional music industry gatekeepers and connect with fans directly.

What Are Some Benefits Of Listening To Youtube Rap Music?

Listening to youtube rap music can expose you to new artists and sounds. It can also be a therapeutic way to process emotions, connect with others, and gain inspiration.

How Can I Discover New Youtube Rap Music?

You can discover new youtube rap music by checking out curated playlists on youtube, following popular youtube rap channels, or using music discovery apps like spotify and soundcloud.


With its origins in hard-stop hip hop and r&b, rap music has grown from strength to strength on youtube. The rise of the internet has aided the explosion of the music genre, democratizing its distribution and finding support in its global fan base.

The vast catalogue of entertaining content now available online, including music videos, interviews, and live performances, means that fans can engage with their favourite artists on a more intimate platform. Youtube offers an innovative space for emerging talent, making it more accessible and democratic, leading to the discovery of new artists who would struggle to get coverage in traditional media outlets.

Rap music has undoubtedly gone mainstream, and as artists continue to break down traditional barriers, we can expect to see this genre flourish for years to come. Thanks to youtube and its fan base, rap music is here to stay, and we can expect it to continue pushing boundaries, challenging audiences, and being at the forefront of popular music as we know it.

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