Get lost in the visuals: Trippy Rap Music Videos

Trippy rap music videos are a sub-genre of music videos characterized by psychedelic and surreal visual elements. These videos often feature mind-bending imagery, color schemes, and editing techniques to complement the unique sound and style of the artist.

Fans of trippy rap music videos appreciate the hypnotic and mesmerizing qualities of these videos, which can sometimes provide an escape from reality. Many artists have achieved viral success through their trippy music videos, such as lil uzi vert’s “xo tour llif3,” which has over 1 billion views on youtube.

Whether you’re a fan of the music or just appreciate the creative visual storytelling, trippy rap music videos have become a significant part of modern hip hop culture and continue to influence the genre’s aesthetic.

Get lost in the visuals: Trippy Rap Music Videos


Introduction: Exploring The World Of Trippy Rap Music Videos

Trippy Rap Music Videos

Rap music and its videos have dramatically evolved from the old-school gangsta rap to a more psychedelic, creative genre – trippy rap. The term “trippy” describes something that is hallucinogenic, outlandish, and psychedelic. Trippy videos are a popular trend that has evolved within the rap genre.

They often showcase psychedelic visuals, bizarre landscapes, and hypnotic patterns. These videos are often visually surreal and can be a feast for the eyes; they may seem confusing, but their true beauty is in their abstract thinking.

Definition Of Trippy Rap Music Videos

Trippy rap music videos are known for their peculiar altered reality imagery tightly integrating with the rap music that features epic beats and lyrics. Trippy videos push the boundaries of standard music videos, which primarily feature the artist and dancers.

These videos are intended to transport viewers to a far-off magical world – an audio-visual feast that takes the viewer on a psychedelic journey without the influence of drugs.

  • Trippy rap music videos are visually surreal and abstract in nature.
  • They are meant to push the boundaries of standard videos.
  • They feature altered reality imagery that tightly integrates with the music.

Why Trippy Rap Music Videos Are Popular

The popularity of trippy rap music videos can be attributed to several factors:

  • Psychedelic imagery: The surrealistic imagery of trippy music videos can be fascinating and addicting to watch. These videos depict elements that we do not see in reality, making them stand out from the regular rap videos.
  • Music integration: Trippy rap music videos are not only about the music, they intensify the experience with the visuals that accompany the music. The music and imagery complement each other to transport the viewer to another world.
  • Creativity: The hallmark of trippy videos is their creativity—from bizarre landscapes to hypnotizing patterns; they take us to a completely different zone and allow us to explore our imaginations.
  • Social media: Social media has revolutionized music consumption and sharing, and trippy videos are the perfect fit for this modern-day, visually-driven medium. The more creative the video, the more likely it will be shared and discussed by viewers.
  • Psychedelic and mesmerizing imagery.
  • Integration of music and visuals to create a unique experience.
  • A display of creativity and imagination.
  • Shareability on social media platforms.

Get Lost In The Visuals: The Best Trippy Rap Music Videos Of All Time

Get lost in the visuals: the best trippy rap music videos of all time

If you think about rap music videos, you might picture scenes that show luxurious lifestyles, fancy cars, and expensive jewelry. However, some rappers take it to the next level, combining their music with stunning visuals to create the ultimate trippy experience.

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We’ll explore some of the best trippy rap music videos of all time, from the colorful and psychedelic to the eerie and surreal.

“L$D” By A$Ap Rocky

A$ap rocky takes us on a surreal trip through the streets of tokyo in this visually stunning music video. Here are some key points:

  • The video combines realistic footage with animated elements, creating a dreamlike atmosphere.
  • The use of color and light adds to the otherworldly feeling, with bright neons and pastels transporting the viewers to a different dimension.
  • The video ends with a$ap rocky and his love interest watching fireworks, solidifying the feeling of being lost in the moment.

“Humility” By Gorillaz

The virtual band gorillaz takes us on a sunny ride in this funky music video. Here are some key points:

  • The video features the band’s cartoon characters skating around a beach town, accompanied by a giant inflatable shark.
  • The combination of classic animation and live-action elements creates a fun and light-hearted atmosphere.
  • The retro vibe of the video, from the fashion to the graphics, contributes to the overall trippy feel.

“Gimme Love” By Joji

In this music video, singer joji takes us through a visually stunning world full of neon lights and surreal landscapes. Here are some key points:

  • The video’s opening shot features joji sitting on a throne, surrounded by bright pink and blue neon lights.
  • Throughout the video, joji is shown in different surreal landscapes, from a desert with a floating pyramid to a dark forest with giant mushrooms.
  • The use of color and lighting, combined with creative camera work, creates a visually stunning experience.

“Can’T Tell Me Nothing” By Kanye West

In this music video, kanye west takes us on a trip through rural america, accompanied by a giant bear. Here are some key points:

  • The video features kanye on a tractor, on horseback, and even riding a motorcycle, all while being followed by a giant bear.
  • The scenery is stunning, with wide shots of the desert and small towns contributing to the overall trippy feeling.
  • The surreal imagery, such as kanye and the bear standing on a motorcycle while it flips in the air, adds to the overall unpredictability of the video.

“Bad And Boujee” By Migos Ft. Lil Uzi Vert

In this music video, the migos and lil uzi vert take us through a trippy world filled with neon lights and surreal imagery. Here are some key points:

  • The video features bright neon colors, with scenes of the rappers performing in front of a neon jungle and driving through a neon city.
  • There are plenty of surreal scenes, such as the migos and lil uzi vert walking through a forest of floating televisions or standing on top of giant palm trees.
  • The combination of creative camera work, bright colors, and surreal imagery creates a visually stunning experience.

You don’t need to be under the influence of any substances to appreciate the creativity and artistry behind these trippy rap music videos. Each video provides a unique and unforgettable experience that deserves recognition.

Elements Of Trippy Rap Music Videos

Trippy rap music videos have been gaining more attention over the years for their unique and creative visuals. These music videos have become popular in the rap genre for their mesmerizing and otherworldly effects, which make viewers feel like they are on a psychedelic journey.

In this blog post, we will dive into the key elements of trippy rap music videos. Let’s explore!

Music And Audio

The music and audio in trippy rap music videos play a vital role in creating a distinctive and immersive experience for the viewer. Here are some key points to consider:

  • The music in trippy rap videos should be experimental and unconventional, using unique sounds and beats to create an otherworldly feeling.
  • The audio effects such as echoes, reverb, and distortion, play a significant role in complementing the music and creating a surreal atmosphere.
  • The lyrics of the rap song should have a deeper meaning and should be written in a way that invokes emotions.

Visual Effects And Techniques

Visual effects and techniques are perhaps the most prominent aspects of trippy rap music videos. These are some key points to consider:

  • The use of vibrant colors and unconventional camera angles create a surreal and hallucinogenic experience for the viewer.
  • The videos often have a distorted and glitchy visual effect to create a sense of disorientation which complements the music and audio effects.
  • The use of computer-generated imagery (cgi) is common in these videos, and it is used to create mind-bending visuals that take viewers on a visual journey.
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Narrative And Symbolism

Narrative and symbolism play an essential role in trippy rap music videos. Here are some key points to consider:

  • The videos often have a storyline that is interpreted in various ways by the viewers.
  • The storyline is often obscure, and viewers are encouraged to use their creativity to decipher the actual meaning behind the video.
  • Symbolism plays a key role; for instance, imagery such as skulls, snakes, and butterflies carries a deeper meaning and interpretation.

Color Theory And Lighting

Colors and lighting play a significant role in creating a trippy music video. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Psychedelic colors such as purple, pink, and neon green are commonly used to enhance the immersive experience for the viewer.
  • The use of contrast between bright and dark colors creates a surreal and dreamlike experience.
  • Lighting is a vital aspect of a trippy music video and is often used to create an otherworldly feel. The videos often have rapid changes in lighting that add to the overall ambience.

The elements discussed above are the key factors of a trippy rap music video. These elements work together to create a unique and immersive experience that captivates the viewers’ attention and emotions. From the music and audio to visual effects and narrative, everything is designed to create a sense of surrealism and psychedelia.

Behind The Scenes: The Making Of Trippy Rap Music Videos

Trippy rap music videos are a feast for the eyes, filled with vivid imagery and mind-blowing visual effects. But have you ever wondered what goes into making these videos? In this behind-the-scenes look at the making of trippy rap music videos, we’ll explore the key stages of production that bring these videos to life.

Let’s dive in!


Before shooting a music video, there are several steps that need to be taken to ensure a successful shoot. These steps include:

  • Brainstorming and conceptualization: The creative team brainstorm the overall vision and aesthetic for the video, based on the artist’s requirements and the message they want to convey.
  • Scriptwriting: Once the concept is established, the team creates a script that outlines the scenes and shots required for the video.
  • Location scouting: Location scouting is essential in determining the right backdrop for the video and ensures that the setting matches the artistic vision of the team.
  • Casting and auditions: The next step is to cast the right performers for the different roles in the video based on the script requirements.

Art Direction

With the pre-production steps completed, it’s time to move to the art direction phase, where specific elements of the video are given shape.

  • Production design: This includes designing the overall look and feel of the video, lighting, costumes, makeup, and set design.
  • Special effects and cgi: If the video requires advanced special effects or cgi, this is the phase where they are designed and tested.


With everything designed and created as envisioned, it’s time to start filming.

  • Directing and cinematography: The director and cinematographer work together to bring the artistic vision to life on set. They decide on the shots and camera movements that will be used in the final video.
  • Set design and costumes: The art department takes care of set design and costumes, ensuring they match the director’s vision.
  • On-set challenges: The crew faces potential roadblocks, such as weather conditions and unexpected delays. Solving these challenges is vital to keep the project schedule intact.


After filming is complete, the video enters post-production, where it is edited and finished.

  • Editing: The editor pieces together the different scenes and shots to create the final video.
  • Sound design: The sound designer works on adding sound effects and music, editing them to align with the visuals.
  • Color grading: The colorist digitally adjusts the colors and tones of the footage to achieve the visual style of the video.
  • Export and distribution: Once the final cut is approved, the video is exported into the appropriate file format and distributed across various platforms such as youtube, vimeo, and television networks.

As you can see, creating a trippy rap music video is a complex and multi-step process that requires an immense amount of creative planning and flawless execution. But the end results are often dazzling visual feasts that captivate and mesmerize viewers.

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The Impact Of Trippy Rap Music Videos On The Genre

Trippy rap music videos have become a staple in the genre in recent times, captivating audiences with their unique visuals and inventive editing styles. The immersive experience offered by these videos, coupled with the trippy effects used to produce them, has left an indelible mark on the culture of rap music.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the impact of trippy rap music videos on the genre and their cultural significance, as well as examine the future of these videos.

Influence On Music And Fashion

Trippy rap music videos have had a significant influence on both music and fashion. Here are a few key points:

  • These videos have redefined the standard for music videos by incorporating surreal visuals, vibrant colors, and innovative editing techniques.
  • They have played a vital role in popularizing the use of digital animation and 3d graphics in music videos, leading to an entire sub-genre of animated music videos.
  • Trippy rap music videos have also been a driving force behind the resurgence of 90s and 2000s fashion styles, with many contemporary artists sporting oversized clothing, baggy jeans, and graphic tees, reminiscent of that era.

Cultural Significance

Trippy rap music videos have become a cultural phenomenon, and here are the key points:

  • These videos are a reflection of the larger shift in hip-hop culture towards individuality and nonconformity, fueled by the rise of social media platforms.
  • They have created a new outlet for artists to express themselves creatively and showcase their unique identities while also connecting with fans on a deeper level.
  • Trippy rap music videos have blurred the lines between art, music, and technology, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the music industry.

The Future Of Trippy Rap Music Videos

Looking ahead, trippy rap music videos are here to stay, and here are the key points:

  • Advancements in technology will continue to push the creative boundaries of music videos, leading to even more immersive and visually stunning experiences.
  • As social media platforms continue to evolve, trippy rap music videos will remain an essential tool for artists to connect with fans and promote their music.
  • The popularity of these videos will continue to influence the rap music culture, driving new fashion trends and inspiring the next generation of artists to create even more visually stunning music videos.

Trippy rap music videos have become a vital component of the genre, having a lasting cultural impact while also driving new trends in fashion and music. As technology continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, we can expect to see even more captivating and trippy music videos in the years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Trippy Rap Music Videos

What Are Trippy Rap Music Videos?

Trippy rap music videos are a sub-genre of rap music videos that feature bright colors, psychedelic animations, and visual effects that aim to enhance the overall experience of listening to rap music.

Why Are Trippy Rap Music Videos Popular?

Trippy rap music videos are popular because they give viewers a visually stimulating experience while also highlighting the artistic vision of the rapper. Additionally, the use of vibrant colors and visual effects can create a unique mood and atmosphere that enhances the music listening experience.

Who Are Some Popular Artists That Create Trippy Rap Music Videos?

Some popular artists known for creating trippy rap music videos include travis scott, lil uzi vert, and tyler, the creator. These artists often collaborate with talented visual artists to create music videos that are both stunning and memorable.

Are Trippy Rap Music Videos Appropriate For All Ages?

While many adults enjoy trippy rap music videos, some may contain explicit lyrics or images that may not be suitable for all ages. Parents should use their discretion when allowing their children to watch these videos.


In essence, trippy rap music videos have taken the world by storm, giving music enthusiasts an out-of-the-box experience. More than just the lyrics, rappers seem to be taking their art form to new heights as they create an audio-visual experience that is both stimulating and musically enriching.

The surrealistic visuals, unique animation, and editing concepts appeal to a diverse audience that appreciates inventiveness and creativity. Moreover, the songs themselves address topics that range from self-discovery to social commentary; hence, this genre continues to gain recognition and popularity among fans.

The future looks promising as more artists employ advanced technologies and incorporate culturally relevant themes, creating a genre that is truly unique and authentic. Ultimately, trippy rap music videos are more than just sharing mere entertainment but an art form that is bound to inspire and challenge the boundaries of creativity.

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