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There Is A Way To A Rewarding Career For Music Artists
We believe that the impact of the best music artists can bring happiness, love and hope for the people. We’re on a mission to help 10,000+ music artists to have a rewarding career doing what they love most… MUSIC! Who We Help


Why We Do It

We help you to make every effort counts, launch successful paid promotions and start making your way in this business as a music artist!

Are you one of the artists who do any of these?

  • You’re spamming FB groups/pages and other people’s posts in hopes to get some song streams
  • You’re trying to increase fan base from other artists (not real fans)
  • You’re spending and trying everything based on what you see online
  • You’re putting so much effort to share your songs but you don’t see real growth
  • You’re doing everything you can and purely relying on hopes, empty promises and worse… waiting to have your big break.

STOP for a moment and DROP what you’re doing right now because it doesn’t have to be that hard.
Artists give everything they have…

  • It costs your life, your dreams for yourself and loved ones if you try to do everything and anything alone. 
  • It’s a heartbreaking experience to years of time and effort trying to promote what you love when you don’t see profitable results.
  • Before you know it, you have spent over $25,000 over the years and continuously rely on hopes that might lead to nowhere
  • It’s a soul-crushing experience to do everything in your own for years to come.
  • Artists who are closer to their dreams give up because they still have no idea how-to, when-to and push-through in their metrics of success.

ALL you have to do is to take the first step to the “tried and proven methodologies” and have a little faith in yourself.
Because YOU are smarter than you think:

  • You already know that a “blueprint and a proven system” designed for music artists like you will lead you to your success
  • You know that willpower and doing everything you can attitude are NOT enough. Successful artists have the thirst for knowledge to learn how to market themselves, grow influence and make an impact 
  • An instant fame isn’t a strike of luck that’s why you are after to have steady, slowly but surely results that will eventually lead to fame, success and power.
  • Your dream requires smarter investment for you to see a huge return.

The BIG question is… what are you going to do now?

How We Help

We help you to get your true fans who will buy anything from you through online education, smart promotions and coaching programs


Learn the “tried and proven” system of growing your fan base, getting millions of monthly music streams, get paid and launch a rewarding career and business.


Branding is the foundation of every successful artists and businesses. We’ll help you to build everything from scratch through our DIY, DWY and DFY Services.


Even the most successful artists and entrepreneurs hire experts to help them grow in their career, business and life. Our coaching programs are based on your needs.

Who We Are



Chad Arrington, known professionally as Chad Focus, is an American musician.

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New Music: Chad Focus – Dance With Me Featuring Raeliss

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Chad Focus – Get to the Money (Feat. Troyse, Cito G & Flames) (Official Music Video)

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Chad Focus is a source for quality education, promotion and a platform for acknowledging the genius, heart and soul of Music Artists.
We dedicated our life from ideas, planning and research backed by over 10+ years of experience to craft our proven system in building our fan base, getting real online and radio promotions, generating profitable results and even starting our own personal projects to help a community and causes for women and children.
We measure success based on the difference that we make for our loved ones, community and contribution for society.
Chad Focus, the owner and CEO of Focus Music Entertainment, have generated over 200K fan base, over 4,000,000 in music streams and collaborated with successful artist, T-Pain, in his music debut Dance With Me.
Chad launched community projects where he raised funds for women battling breast cancer.
He also supported over 100 students as his scholars to graduate in school so they can pursue their dreams.
Behind the scene, he is a single dad who has strong family ties and he has been loved in his community for his big heart to help less fortunate people.
He owns several businesses in clothing, gadgets and e-bikes. He uses his profit and influence to teach young kids about business, music and life advice to follow their own dreams.
Our values are to continuously create projects that will help people regardless how society judges us, beat us and try to take us down. We believe that if we do the right things, it’s worth doing and soul fulfilling.

Who We Are


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